Market Volatility: Keep Calm and Carry On

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t exactly how I thought we’d be approaching autumn. The Delta variant is causing some of us to pivot and alter plans once again. Amid reports of extreme weather as seasons change along with up and down markets, I’ve decided that I’m heading for much higher ground. Are you with me?

The fact is, storms of life come – often quickly and unexpectedly. And while we can’t stop the storms, we can do our best to prepare for and weather them until they pass. Destruction and loss will cause added stress, and that’s not the best environment in which to make decisions. The optimum time to prepare is now, before the next storm hits, focusing on what we can control and the best route upward. 

Markets naturally go up and down. Over the long run we all know they go up a lot more than they go down. But in these times of market volatility it can be stressful on all of us. The key to managing stress from fluctuations in the market is to ignore noise.

We create portfolio’s based on the clients long term goals. This way clients don’t need to worry about occasional market dips which newspapers and other media tend to sensationalize. Investing is about long term returns not short term ratings.

In fact stocks are actually on sale, so now could be a good time to go shopping. Although significant market dips can be attention-grabbing, they can also present a buying opportunity. If you have any questions about your strategy in light of recent events, let’s talk.

Please let me know if you want to discuss anything at all, from this weeks’ market news to specifics about the portfolio we have implemented.

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