Independent Fiduciary


Rocky Mountain Financial Solutions is setup to improve your financial situation, allowing you to live well now and in retirement. Operating as an independent fiduciary serves as the best way to help people reach their financial goals.

Finding the right financial advisor partner that operates in your best interest. Developing a strategy for investments, retirement, and withdrawals. Modeling financial scenarios and projections specific to your career trajectory, forms of compensation, and when the time comes, distribution.

My name is Jim Kirk, and Rocky Mountain Financial Solutions (RMFS) was created to better serve individuals and businesses. Helping people understand personal finance, navigating the waters to retirement, and striving to reach their financial goals is what gets me up everyday.

Core Values

When it comes to financial guidance, I believe in these core values in my engagement with you:

  • Simplicity – focus on what matters to you.
  • Convenience – working around your schedule to meet and utilizing technology for better customer experience.
  • Integrity – providing a plan that is in your best interest (independent fiduciary)
  • Communication – keeping you updated with what is going on with your plan.
  • Transparency – no hidden fees or agenda.

I decided that if I could not find these values in the marketplace, to create it myself, so I did. RMFS is here to provide protection and growth strategies for clients. All of which are custom to you, your family, and/or your business. Life is busy, call at 9pm after the kids are asleep, or on the weekend when you are having a morning cup of coffee. The mission is to take care of you and your interests. Click here to setup a quick call and let us know how we can improve your financial picture.

Fiduciary Standard of Care

RMFS is not tied to any company’s insurance or investment products, and there are no sales quotas that influence our advice. As an independent fiduciary financial advisor, I am able to provide unbiased advice by offering a wide array of investments and other options to clients. I can assure you that I always act in good faith and in your best interest. The focus is on helping you achieve your financial objectives.

RMFS is a Colorado-based company that serves clients in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and everywhere in-between. Because clients move and refer me to friends and family out of state, I also service clients in over a dozen states across the country. As a comprehensive financial services company, advice aims to help clients improve everything from day-to-day finances and retirement planning; to investment and estate planning; as well as, insurance and business planning strategies.

Why Rocky Mountain Financial Solutions?

1. Invest in a Flexible Approach

Some money managers and many mutual funds that focus on narrow market categories that may move in and out of favor. We can adjust our investment strategy depending on your risk tolerance, as well as, your personal objectives.

2. Independent Fiduciary Guidance

RMFS operates under a Registered Investment Advisor firm. We are not tied to a particular company or product. In additions, we offer unbiased advice, tailoring your investment portfolio to your needs. Most RIAs do work with third-party custodians, though, adding value to the RIA experience. Custodians are typically larger banks or broker-dealers that offer additional customer service, reporting, and account management benefits. TDAmeritrade is our custodian.

3. Fiduciary Duty

Our RIA firm has a fiduciary duty to work on your behalf. According to the SEC, an investment advisor has a “fundamental obligation” to act in the best interests of its clients. An RIA must operate in good faith for clients. In addition, RIA firm’s make recommendations based on the needs of its customers – not its bank account. Part of this benefit resides in the fact that clients can have a direct line of communication with their investment advisor. Conversely, there is no way to ask a mutual fund manager why they’ve made a particular investment choice. Independent Fiduciary

4. Competitive, Transparent Fees

Unlike with many brokers, our incentive is not to “churn” your account since we do not earn any commissions on trades. We simply charge a fee based on assets under management, which aligns our approach of our clients’ best interests.

5. Direct, Proactive Customer Service

With us, you are not simply another account number. You will hear from us regularly, and not because we have some new product to sell or want you to invest more. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what is going on in your account. In addition to understanding changes in your life that may impact your account. Our goal if for clients to be comfortable with the portfolio and plan design.

How do we get paid when you invest?

We are compensated on a fee-based platform, asset under management fee, that is transparent and cost effective. We are committed to disclosing any conflicts of interest if they arise.

Account Minimum

Our clients range from retired executives and small business owners to young professionals who understand the need to plan. We understand that many people require our services. Our ideal client has a true interest in understanding how their investments work. In addition, learning what is in their best interest and the person who wants a continuing, long-term relationship with their financial advisor.

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