Santa Rally & Make Merry This Season

Santa Rally or not, we’ve been through a lot in 2021 – more quarantining, hybrid work environments, ups and downs in the economy, and political uncertainty. Chances are, you’ve been so busy adjusting to all the changes while also trying to hold onto family ties and traditions that you’ve had little time to relax and enjoy this special time of year. 

Well, now is your time. Take it. One of the most valuable things you can do in a busy season is to find moments of “me time.” Prioritizing wellness, including in your financial life, and taking time to set your strategy allows you to more generously show up for others and extend goodwill. I can help show you how. So, go ahead, start the timer. Carve out a few minutes for yourself today.

Last Week

Equities moved higher after risks that the Omicron COVID variant would slow down economic activity wanned. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes posted gains over 3%, and Dow was up 4.05% for the week, as volatility fell. The S&P hit a new all-time high on Friday. Every S&P 500 sector was positive. Crude oil jumped nearly 9% to climb back above $70 per barrel. Consumer prices rose 6.8% Year-over-Year and 0.8% Month-over-Month in November. This was the fastest annual pace since 1982, and in-line with expectations. Consumer sentiment rose to 70.4 in December, still lower than a year ago due to higher household inflation expectations.

On the labor front, resignations declined by 4.7% in October. Openings moved back up to 11.03M, up 4.1% Month-over-Month and just below the all-time high. Weekly jobless claims sank to a multi-decade low of 184K. Paychecks and hours worked grew in Q3, but productivity slumped 5.2%, worse than initial reports.

Week Ahead – Santa Rally or Coal to Wrap up 2021

The last full week before the holiday season begins. Will the Santa Rally continue, or finish the year with a lump of coal? This week features four central bank meetings and a host of economic releases. On Wednesday, the FOMC may reveal an accelerated tapering timeline. Markets are already pricing in better than 50% odds of a rate hike by May 2022. More inflation figures are reported with U.S. PPI on Tuesday, followed by CPI from the UK and Canada the next day.

This week also brings the first look at manufacturing and services PMIs for December in the U.S. and Eurozone. China’s monthly data dump will include annual figures for retail sales and industrial production. Other events of note include U.S. retail sales, regional manufacturing updates from New York and Philadelphia, and Australia’s employment account. The week closes with UK retail sales and Germany’s business sentiment information.

Year-to-date index performance; Dow up 17.53%, S&P up 25.45%, and Nasdaq up 21.28% through the close on Friday.

Happy holidays, see you next year!

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