Pension Risk Transfer

Plan sponsors are removing pension liability through Pension Risk Transfer more than ever. Pension plans have been creating financial havoc for years. Volatile balance sheet liabilities, increased government fees, high professional fees, and looming required pension contributions are causing plan sponsors to want to shed their pension plans.

Plan sponsors listen up! Rising costs, increased regulation, and market volatility may prompt defined benefit plan sponsors to undergo a Pension Risk Transfer. How does a pension risk transfer benefit your organization:

  • Improve the funded status of the plan
  • Reduce risk if plan is currently underfunded
  • Reduce the size of the plan’s liabilities
  • Reduce the plan liabilities from the balance sheet

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Plan sponsors this is where you can be the hero! My team will analyze your plan, provide technical and marketing expertise, and deliver a solution that meets the needs of your organization, and fulfills the promises made to your employees.

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Many companies are focused on managing significant risks posed by their Defined Benefit plans. In a recently published white paper, Prudential found that DB obligations are placing constraints on company performance. Despite an increased awareness of pension risk management solutions, the market has yet to see more companies take advantage of solutions available for their needs.

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